If You're In An Accident

This is helpful information sourced from Alberta Treasury Board and Finance:

1.      If you are in an accident, you must stop at the scene.  Call 9-1-1 if anyone is seriously injured.  If you have been injured, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. 

2.      Take pictures and collect information from the other driver and witnesses if possible.
Cooperators Insurance (Answer-centre-what-happens-when, 1997-2016) recommends collecting the following information:
   •Collect each driver's name, license number, insurance company and policy number
   •The type of vehicles involved and the plate numbers
   •The location of each vehicle
   •Names of passengers and witnesses

3.      Report to the Police if any of the following apply:
   •If someone is injured
   •If any of the vehicles involved in the accident are non-drivable
   •If any driver involved in the accident does not have proof of insurance or a valid drivers license
   •If the damage to all vehicles and property is more than $2000.  

4.      As soon as practicable, call your auto insurance company and provide them with the details of the accident.

5.      Your insurance company may recommend a repair facility but you have the right to have your vehicle's damage estimated and repaired at the repair facility of your choice.

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At the Repair Shop

See us for a free estimate.

  • Advise if your repair is an insurance claim, if you will be paying for the repair yourself, or if the repair is being paid for by a third party.
  • If an insurance claim, have your claim number and insurance information ready.
  • If your vehicle is used for commercial use and you are GST registered, we as a repair shop are required to collect the value of the GST on the full amount of the repair. 
  • On an insurance claim, if the deductible is not waived, Lonnie's Autobody will collect the deductible once your vehicle is completed.